Jenni Bowley

Jenni is a Clerkenwell & Islington Guide, City of London Guide, and a London Borough of Camden Guide.

Jenni is an enthusiastic and committed tour guide who loves exploring London’s byways and alleyways. For her sins, she is also a chartered accountant (but please don’t hold that against her). As you would expect, she is always pleased to describe the origins of London as a world financial centre and how it developed from drinking coffee in the early equivalent of Starbucks.

Beyond finance, Jenni is familiar with England’s National Health Service having chaired one of the largest hospital trusts and she is also helps with the buying of forests around the world if you are interested. Her recent charitable work includes involvement in Britain’s prison system – so be warned!

One of the reasons that Jenni makes an excellent guide to London is that she only came to live in the city after leaving university. In some sense she still feels like a tourist herself, despite having now lived and worked in London for over 30 years. She started life in Yorkshire then lived in Exeter, Watford, Toronto Canada (for a couple of years) before settling in London. She lives in Muswell Hill with her husband, children and dog.

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Jenni Bowley

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