Featured Walks

Pocket Parks in the City of London

Would you like to discover the wonderful pocket parks in the City of London? On Tuesdays in July we are offering a series of 4 walks to show you these charming small spaces.

We are limiting the number of walkers to 15 and the cost is £45 for all four walks - please email Jenni@bowley.net if you would like to reserve a place. If there are places available the cost of an individual walk will be £12 - again, please email Jenni if you would like to express an interest.

Tuesday 3rd July: Plant hunters and the hunted

We know an English garden is bursting with interesting flowers but very few are truly native to Britain. The London Plane, the copper beech, the horse chestnut and many of our garden favourites were not known here before the 17th century. Plant hunting became a mania in the 18th century and in the little gardens of the City of London many interesting species flourish. The adventures involved in finding them are as exotic as the plants themselves.

Meeting point: Moorgate tube, exit on the west side

Guide: Anne Tickell

Tuesday 10th July: Burial Grounds to Pocket Parks

Many of the 200 open spaces in the City of London were once grim, insanitary and overcrowded burial grounds. Today they are gardens and yards to be enjoyed by visitors and city workers and we take it for granted that these public spaces are part of our contemporary urban landscape. This City walk introduces you to some of these pocket parks and tells the story of how they were saved for the living.

Meeting point: Barbican

Guide: Elaine Wein

Tuesday 17th July: American connections

What would the City of London look like without plants introduced from North America? It’s hard to visualise London without the ubiquitous plane tree, a hybrid developed from the seeds of the American Sycamore! Anne started this series of walks with stories of the plant hunters who changed the English landscape and on this walk we’ll focus on people and plants connected with North America. We’ll also uncover some of the secrets of City gardens – one is planted in a container over an underground car park, one was created on a bomb site and one has a large number of beautifully carved wooden benches.

Meeting point: Mansion House tube

Guide: Jenni Bowley

Tuesday 24th July: Eastwards along the Thames

We finish our series with visits to more hidden churchyards and will also explore some of the beautiful small gardens planted along the Thames path. As well interesting statues and excellent river views we’ll also find several small gardens designed to promote biodiversity - with nectar-rich plants to attract insects and plants that provide berries and nesting cover for birds.

Meeting point: Cannon Street tube

Guide: Jenni Bowley