2000 Years In The City

2000 Years in the City

The City of London was founded by the Romans in AD43 and from its early days was an important international trading hub. Our tour starts at Tower Hill where we will find out why London was established at this spot and we’ll look at a section of the defensive wall that was built around the City in the second Century.

We’ll find out why William I built the Tower of London after he conquered England in 1066 and we’ll walk along a stretch of The Thames to hear about the mass of shipping that thronged the Port of London for nearly 2000 years – and, of course, a few stories about London Bridge. We’ll walk some Medieval alleyways and get an impression of life in the Middle Ages and in Victorian London. We’ll also see how radically the face of the City has changed in recent years with dramatic new buildings and several exciting new developments. This tour will take about 2 hours and will finish by Bank underground station.

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